Wolff (trio) has a full, high-energy sound that makes us ideal for bars and parties.   We can use electronic or acoustic drums, so we can rock out at a comfortable volume!  We have a full, scalable PA, stage- and floor lights and lasers.

We use a unique marketing strategy to bring guests to venues by being an Assistant Organizer for the 6 largest San Diego MeetUp.com social groups, totalling over 30,000 members.  

Publishing a public event to each group automatically sends a custom email invitation (&  reminders) to all its members who've joined the MeetUp group specifically to go to such events.

This targeted marketing promotes not only the event, but also the venue.  In 2018 this led to  50 - 200 guests per event.  This is on top of emailing Wolff's 400+ fan VIP list.

For more info, contact Steve:

•  Cell: 858 395-6462

•  Email: blimylimey@mac.com

Wolff Trio is driven by:

Steve Wolff - Guitar, lead vocals

Chris LeBaron - Bass, vocals

Steve Satnick - Drums

Three Piece Line-up