Past and Future Gigs and Events

In 2012, Wolff expanded from being a solo / duo act to a Power Trio, which has played over 75 gigs at 15+ different public & private venues in San Diego county - from Alpine up to Carlsbad. We now have 4- and 5 piece options, too.

Our unique MeetUp-based marketing strategy combines with emailing our 425+ fans to bring in anywhere from 25 - 200+ people at different events.

                                                ***  2020 ***  

19 Sep   Campland              3 Pc: CANCELED

  4 Sep   Private Party             3 Pc: Socially Distanced Street Party

12 Jun    Fast times Bar       3 Pc: CANCELED

  2 May   Goodbar                3 Pc: CANCELLED

19 Apr    Fast times Bar       3 Pc: CANCELLED

20 Mar   Goodbar                 3 Pc: CANCELLED

19 Mar   Liberty Public Mkt  3 Pc: CANCELLED

29 Feb   Public House 131   3 Pc: Super busy, fun first time playing as a band at this fun Scripps Ranch venue.

29 Jan    The Field               3 Pc: A fun, lively evening for our first gig in downtown San Diego! We hope to return

                                               ***  2019 ***  18 Gigs

28 Oct    Goodbar                 3 Pc: A fun evening at this lively local Pt. Loma bar.  8 - 11 PM

19 Dec   Hacienda DeVega  3 Pc: A smaller but enthusiastic crowd for our first Thursday night there.

13 Dec   Fast times Bar       3 Pc. Super fun, busy night at this great venue.  We're looking forward to playing there in 2020

17 Nov   LV R&R Marathon 3 Pc: Our first out of town gig!  A marathon for us, too: 3 hours non-stop playing for the runners

26 Oct    Goodbar                3 Pc. Great Debut at this new fun venue in Pt. Loma.  Over 100 people & plenty of dancing!

28 Sep   Campland              5 Pc: Our debut at this outdoor summer concert on the Bay; our first with the 5 piece option

17 Aug   Block Party            A fun 3rd year playing (headlining) at this multi-band private street party.

28 Jul     Fast times Bar       A lively Sunday afternoon at this great bar

27 Jul     Private Party         Played to an enthusiastic audience at Bandfest 2019, a private party in Scripps Ranch.

  9 Jul     Private Party         Very fun 6th year playing at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racket Club

  6 Jul     Hacienda DeVega  Back to this great MX Restaurant - busy night in spite of the long weekend

29 Jun    Fast times Bar       Super fun, dance-filled 80s Night at this great new venue.

16 Jun    Galley at Marina    Lively dancer-filled night at this fun, coastal venue.

14 Apr    Liberty Station       Super fun tag-teaming with another band for this fun afternoon gig in Point Loma.

17 Mar   Mainstream Bar     Fun St. Paddy's Day gig back at this large Poway venue

16 Mar   Galley at Marina     Super lively evening with a packed dance floor all night!

9  Feb   Hacienda DeVega  Lively and fun gig, we got lots of compliments from both the staff & crowd

11  Jan   Fast times Bar       Great fun and we packed the place!  Here's a short video from a great evening.

                                              ***  2018 *** 16 Gigs

28 Dec   Galley at Marina    A fun, lively debut at a new bar/ restaurant in Chula Vista.

   2 Nov Hacienda DeVega Super fun and lively Day of the Dead Party for our last public gig of 2017.

29 Sep   Hacienda DeVega Another fun gig at this great MX restaurant

  2 Sep   Fast times Bar      Great turnout and a fun, lively debut at this great new place.

25 Aug   Hacienda DeVega Another fun gig; plenty of dancers at this great MX restaurant

18 Aug   Block Party           We'll be back at this fun neighborhood block party in Scripps Ranch

12 Aug   SR Concerts         Our largest crowd yet, playing for over 500 people at this fun summer tradition

28 Jul    Hacienda DeVega  Another fun gig at this great MX restaurant.

23 Jun   Hacienda DeVega  Lively dance-filled night at this great MX restaurant

15 Jun   Private Party         A great 5th return to the SR Swim and Racket Club kicking off their summer season

19 May  Private Party          Very lively private house 60th birthday party: dancing from start to finish!

21 Apr   Hacienda DeVega   Another fun gig at this great MX restaurant. 6:30 - 10 PM

11 Mar  Sanctuary               A great turnout for our first Trio gig at this fun upscale bar/ lounge in Scripps Ranch

24 Feb  Hacienda DeVega  Another fun gig at this great MX restaurant with plenty of dancing!

9 Feb    Mainstream Bar       Super busy, fun dance party at this large nightspot in Poway.

6 Jan    Hacienda DeVega   Great turnout for our first gig of 2018

                                                ***  2017 ***  17 gigs

  8 Dec Cheers Bar             Another fun night at this fun bar: we even had chair-swing dancing - that's a first!!

17 Nov Cheers Bar             A smaller than usual crowd, but no lack of enthusiasm!  A fun night!

11 Nov Hacienda DeVega  A great night back at this upscale MX restaurant.

28 Oct  Mainstream Bar     Super fun Halloween Party with well over 150 people dancing from 1st to last song .

29 Sep Cheers Bar             A busy, fun and sociable night at this new regular nightspot

9 Sep   Hacienda DeVega   Another great outdoors gig - dancers from the first song to the last!!!

26 Aug Private Party           Great response at this private block party in Scripps Ranch

12 Aug Mainstream Bar      Huge turnout for this fun gig at this new venue!  They want us back!

28 Jul  Hacienda DeVega   Another fun night at this great bar/ restaurant with lots of dancing.s

7 July   Cheers Bar             Super fun, busy night - we packed the place!!!

9 Jun    Hacienda DeVega  Kept people dancing in spite of some drizzle - great evening!

26 May Cheers Bar             Fun, lively gig and a great crowd with lots of dancing

22 Apr  Hacienda DeVega  Super fun and very busy night at this new restaurant/ patio.

31 Mar  Cheers Bar            Our first time & a great crowd at this fun bar. The owner wants us back :))

26 Mar  Mainstream Bar     They loved us!  Likely to get a Saturday slot next few months!

23 Feb  Vintana                  Fun lively gig at this upscale bar/restaurant

3 Feb    Capetown Pub      Great crowd for our first gig of 2017!

                                               ***  2016 ***  11 gigs

7 Dec    Vintana                 A fun night at this upscale bar/restaurant for our last gig of 2016

19 Nov  Capetown Grill      Plenty of dancing and socializing at this fun, lively nightspot

18 Nov  Vintana                 A fun,lively night at this upscale bar/restaurant in Escondido

21 Oct   Company Pub       CANCELLED - The pub closed down.  Bummed, but not our fault... honest!

16 Sep   Capetown Grill     Lots of competition around town but we still had >25 people come

9 Sep     SRSRC                A great 3rd year playing this fun private party in Scripps Ranch

26 Aug   Vintana                We set a record of 150+ guests for this one! Fun, very lively night!

15 Jul    Company Pub      Great crowd in spite of lots of competition from other events. Dancing all night!

17 Jun  Capetown Grill      A fun crowd that hit the dance floor from the first song ‘til the last

14 May  Capetown Grill     A record (for us) 123 people showed up - they now believe us!!

16 Apr   Company Pub      A fun and busy night one again with our upgraded light show - plenty of dancing

6 Feb    Company Pub      An outstanding evening: great crowd, lots of dancing

                                                 ***  2015 *** 13 gigs

13 Nov   Company Pub      Record crowd (115 people!) for our new drummer Steve’s debut.

10 Oct    Mr. Peabody's     A great first gig for us at this lively nightspot in Encinitas

12 Sep   Company Pub      A fun, busy and lively night at the Pub.

11 Sep   SRSRC                A toasty but very fun outside party with full sound and light show!.

7 Aug     NY Joe’s               Fairly quiet night playing to a small but enthusiastic crowd

18 Jul    Company Pub       Our liveliest night yet here - dancers were using the menus as air fans!

10 Jul    O'Harley's             Another lively evening here!

23 May   Company Pub     Great turnout and plenty of dancing.

25 Apr    NY Joes               Our first gig at this new Poway night-spot!

24 Apr    O'Harley's             Another fun event at this great nightspot in RB.

13 Mar    O'Harley's            Back at this popular restaurant/ bar

7 Mar      Company Pub      Our first gig as a trio where we’d met Shawn last month was a great success.

9 Jan      Company Pub       A very fun 1 year anniversary at this lively Poway Pub     

                                                 ***  2014 ***  13 Gigs

21 Nov   O'Harley's               A fun night at this RB nightspot from 8:30 - 11:30 PM     

1 Nov    Trisler'ss Wine Bar  Another great Halloween Party; and a first playing here as a Duo.  

17 Oct    O'Harley's              Started out slow but livened up later on with plenty of dancers

1 Oct      McGregors             Lively and effective fund raiser.  Great crowd, especially for a Wed nite.

19 Sep   Company Pub        Good turnout for another fun night at this great Brit pub!    

10 Sep    Tower 13               Our first time at the coast for this fun Charity event in Cardiff

26 July    Company Pub       Another lively night here; lots of dancers!!    

18 July    Private Party         Our biggest gig & first private party: Scripps Ranch Swim & Racket Club

13 Jun     Que Pasa             A fun return to where we debuted back in January

17 May    Company Pub      Packed this nicely laid out Poway Pub, with dancers! A very fun lively night

4 Apr      O'Harley's              Smaller crowd than usual, but they made up for it with enthusiasm

17 Jan     O'Harley's             Lots of people came for a great night

3 Jan      Que Pasa              A fun, lively audience for our debut; a short set of originals.